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Kablosuz oyun fare şarj edilebilir 7 renk arka işık solunum konfor bilgisayar masaüstü Laptop için 6 düğme 2400DPI oyuncu fareleri

Kablosuz oyun fare şarj edilebilir 7 renk arka işık solunum konfor bilgisayar masaüstü Laptop için 6 düğme 2400DPI oyuncu fareleri

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çalışma modu: Opto- elektronik

pazara: Dec-04

köken: CN (kökeni)

el Yön: sağ

Tür: 2.4Ghz Kablosuz

Stil: Optik rulo

Sertifika: CE,FCC,ROHS

Paket: Evet

Number of Rollers: 1

Marka adı: HXSJ

Hızlanma: 10 G

Güç Türü: Rechargeable

DPI: 2400

Buton Sayısı: 6

Brüt Ağırlık: 140g

Arayüz türü: USB

We have added a number of rechargeable gaming mice under the HXSJ brand for customers to choose from. You can choose the products you like through the model and picture of the pictures. If you have any customers who don't know the goods, please do not buy them. Thank you for your understanding. Chinese factories sell directly, with better prices and higher product quality.

      The latest HXSJ brand wireless gaming mouse, with six buttons and seven colors of the breathing light. It is suitable for game lovers. Ergonomic surface to reduce hand fatigue and 4 adjustable DPI options, this mouse will make your game experience more enjoyable. Wireless Mouse 2.4GHz Gaming Mouse Ergonomic Design Gaming Mouse 2400DPI USB Mouse Laptop.

Keystroke life of up to 10 million times, can be repaired durable.


1: 2.4GHz wireless connection (including USB receiver and rechargeable mouse USB cable)

2: Built-in rechargeable battery capacity can reach 600 mA.

3: Ergonomic design, can prevent and prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

4: Precision control optical laser technology

5: User convenience, wow pen signature, comfortable folder.

6: L / R mouse button, 2 thumb buttons and a clickable wheel, advance, retreat, dpi.

7: You choose the most suitable for your hand. Plug and play, compatible with Mac and PC

8: 7 colors of the breathing light to give users a cool gaming experience, you can turn off the lantern.


1: Project Type: Ergonomics Optical Mouse

2: Resolution: 2400dpi.

3: Buttons: 5 Buttons and 1 Round (Middle Mutton)

4: Maximum working range: 10m

5: Charging cable length: 50cm

6: Color: Black, White.

7: Material: ABS

8: Battery capacity:600mAh

9: Button click life: 5 Million times

10: Rated voltage / current: DC 3.7V / 18mA

11: System requirements: Windows 98 / Me / 2000 / XP / Vista / Win 7 / Win8 / 10/Vista Mac OS or latest.

12: Product weight: 116g

13: Item size: 13.5 * 7.3 * 4.2cm

14: Packing weight: 143g

15: Packing size: 13.5 * 8.5 * 4.7cm

Package Included:

1 x Mouse

1 x USB power adapter

1 x USB charging cable

1 x User manual

Charging Notes:

When the mouse is charging, you need to switch to the ON position of the switch, the battery can be charged normally.


1, USB cable can only be used for charging. It can not be used as a wired mouse.

2, You can use the mouse when charging, but you should ensure that the USB receiver is plugged into the computer and the mouse switch is on.

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